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VisaGrams (Instant Credit)


Randmint Inc. © 'R.M.R' - Rand Mint Refinery. VisaGrams;  allows you to make payments as you would using any well respected and established credit card.

Gold is the best currency on the planet. It has never lost value like what has happened in Zimbabwe or Greece and in many other countries & it could happen at anytime without warning. Our money (printed notes used to be backed by gold) since this was stopped we have seem a world on the edge of ca-laps.

This is not sales talk, we are all microcosms of the political, financial reality where we (governments) have taken the easy way out and printed money without having the productivity to sustain it.  If you look at China or even Texas are demanding their stated gold reserves be returned from the vaults on the East cost (USA) they want the gold as the gold is still the best place to store wealth. 


However the differences are many.



You have the choice of receiving the funds in your personal debit or credit card If there is an emergency) Along with the benefits of being a private client at a private investment bank you can instruct us to pay your accounts or get you Opera tickets in London or Bombay.

We provide certified documents if needed to make booking at specialty hotels & restaurants and would even-arrange a function or pay bills on your behalf. for example if you order a new PC. all you do is ask the company to contact your private bank 


or we can supply you with a your personal Randmint VisaGrams card. The Randmint card opens doors everywhere as it shouts private wealth. This is correct as you have a private banker so if you need some assistance you just ask the reception if you are on holiday to contact Randmint or Visagrams & the payment or transaction is managed while you are busy with more important issues.

your private banker. 

This is a joint venture between Randmint & Visa International. Wait this is a little different if for example you have $1000.00 in gold, selling the gold would incur charges or even loss as gold should be held (not sold) like a good share on the stock exchange the point is we do not sell your gold to fund your card we would transfer funds from our account into your new card so if the gold price goes up you still make a profit on the gold. 


Furthermore it only takes about one hour to process and your have a working Randmint Visa credit card that will work allow you to spend in any currency in any country *worldwide.

The issue that occurs when 'as advertised' you spend gold there are many complications and very few merchants will take gold as it is a complex transaction.

VisaGrams and Visa do away with all the hassles we do the complicated transaction and you pay just like you would with an ordinary transaction; there are a few differances.


 gold id the amounts you spend is usually not even close to the value of 1 gram of gold or you may be purchasing a racing boat in this case

anywhere worldwide. We can add funds or assist you with almost anything even if you are in Timbuktu.