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The *SA (Official) Cannabis Exchange *Southern Africa the #DaggaExchange #SAMarijuanaExchange #TranskeiCannabisExchange #SABullionExchange & 

SABullionVault etc.

DurbanPoisonZA™ & Durban Poison Estates™ ©TRANSKEI™ Healthcare KZN South Africa

DurbanPoisonZA™ & Durban Poison Estates™ 
All proceeds are for the community of the Eastern Cape the birthplace of President #NelsonMandela and the #MadibaClan.

Our HQ: Exchange House, Sandton, 2196 Johannesburg. National: PSJ. 'Port St Johns' & KZN. All produce, seeds and or value added products pharma and Lux Foods produced by #DurbanPoison #TranskeiHealth#TranskeiGroup #TranskeiCo-op including all our facilities guarantee under inspection to have 100% South African content and all labels under our Brands: TranskeiPoison, DurbanPoison, DurbanLights, TranskeiLights etc. We have a number of other brands that account for specific differences that would only be realized in a lab. Examples: PondoPoison & WildCoast Poison & Lights etc.

We have 3 primary estates & production facilities. Note: All these websites will take you to our primary brand & production website: Transkei™ Note: We have interested dispensaries & weed groups requesting our products from vape to infused oils & sweets. We will only trade with countries that legally in writing allow such imports more importantly all sales are subject to our MCC in SA. 
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We promote gold bullion (Gold Coins) as a trading vehicle for cannabis. We accept all known gold coins except we do not accept PAMP WHATSOEVER. 
 1. Durban Poison Estate.
Official Website:
2. Madiba Estates.
Official Website:
3. Transkei Estates.
Official Website: or

Our estates are situated in KZN outside of the industrial region of #Durban and South Of Durban in a region that is 'Cannabis Eden' 100% rural without any industrial or chemical waste. 
This is the best location on Earth to grow outdoor eco weed.

All proceeds are for the community of the Eastern Cape the birthplace of President #NelsonMandela and the #MadibaClan.

Unemployment is almost 70% we endeavor with our partners to develop and assist local growers. We may be Non-Profit but our 10 000 new business all owned by previously disadvantaged locals primarily Xhosa speaking communities see: Apartheid and the Boers cruelty. Luckily their greed and stupidity has been the natural deleting of their entire 1-3 generation and existence. A complete failure may the language and statues continue to fall as within 100 years this Afrikaner race will be erased from all records. The future #TranskeiMillionaires This is a term borrowed from the founder of the Transkei Group & Transkei Healthcare ©TRANSKEI™ Healthcare KZN South Africa.

THIS STRATEGY of not creating 2 billionaires like has been done throughout history. First the Afrikaner (Billionaires) When they received independence from the English than again with BEE we believe that these business already exist but are considered illegal and do not pay taxes.
We endeavour to use these self-made money moguls as real life profits or icons to emulate even if it is just a youngster who tells his friend I want to drive a fancy land rover or Porsche like whatshisname one of the growers who with the assistance of the Transkei Health Group has provided the machinery TranskeiCo-op or one of our Co-op factories allowing the entrepreneur free access and the expertise to add value for example turn weed into medicinal oil thus gaining 1000% more at sale time than last year. The only way for economic empowerment on a large scale is showing the young adults who due to Apartheid lost a generation of parents, uncles & aunts as role models falling into addiction and Rap Music; the guy driving the expensive car who gained the wealth legally in other words the entrepreneur must serve as role models as it is far better a role model a man or woman who is self made and pays tax viz follows the law has no police chasing him is free to buy or travel and even seek spiritual growth this is the light of entrepreneurship as what is needed is not jobs but the excitement the creative excitement of being an entrepreneur that this like in Silicon Valley drives and excites large numbers of young adults as jobs will follow by default and at a much quicker rate than trying to create jobs that is a non sustainable folly.

We need thousands of very sustainable companies that pay tax and make a fortune for their owners thus again I say 10 000 new business is much more in the direction to take then a handful of the rich get richer as even taking the billion USD and giving each person ZAR100.00 will be spent the same day on booze as without knowledge and hard work the lesson will not be learnt that need to be learned in order to make the money work instead of the money making you into a fool.

DurbanPoisonza & our @MadibaEstates & @TranskeiEstates South Africa. @TranskeiHealth
All proceeds are Non-Profit.
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If a item is sold as bullion but is more costly and in a fancy Harrods box as an example. Should it still be allowed to be called bullion?  Remember when paying more than the average above spot and or selling and loosing your equity if you like or appreciation over the last 5 years?  I like the term designer bullion as it is kind but deceptive as its actually jewelry not bullion take for example @PAMP_SA  #PAMP_SA This is one of many interesting domains available for development.  'Ted Stoned' (TV & Streaming)


Gold bullion & medical & luxury cannabis.

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Take the LBMA 'London Bullion Market Association' with facts and time its 'good bullion' respected and traded without question. 

Take Comex' its tack record speaks volumes. We can only hope to follow these organizations as we live in a time it seems that profits, are still very much lost in the darkness allowing greed to some is believed more important than honesty and arrogance G-d help us all. 

It gives us real hope that all of the independent exchanges and platforms have agreed to amalgamate; a very wise decision when our only realistic leadership role in this the highly competitive, gray not gay world still believe opioids available in SA and the USA at the most or least dangerous or within a script altogether. 

If compared to alcohol the former would be freely available to any adult while alcohol being useless besides for a few uses would be awarded a schedule #1 drug in the USA and a #6 in Southern Africa.

For example it gives a kick of adrenaline to the receptors of our brains that feel good claiming atheism.

It takes years to know wine; at least a few months need to be spent learning or reading relevant books or watching documentaries just appreciate the time the work that to get the bottle of wine to your table!

The same individual would claim that either they hate wine or they may occasionally drink it but know very little about wine besides the shape of the bottle in the old country...

what is wine that makes it so special it requires time and work to understand and appreciate yet the same person is proud to claim being atheist without even reading one book on the number of spiritual texts. Nothing to do with religion or creators but can one be so distracted and arrogance to make such a statement in other words thinking or believing I am an atheist puts that person into their rightful place; rather they should be honest and tell everyone that they are G-d. If taking away a void must be fulled and usually the ego is happy to take up residence. G-ds shoes. Faced with global marketplaces. 

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We believe our offer from Canex-comex' is the interest of all South Africans! Simply put without local unity and joint strategy we stand hopelessly lost and full of blame!  

See: Latest News: On our website!

We believe our offer from Canex-comex' is the interest of all South Africans!


Simply put without local unity and joint strategy we stand hopelessly lost and full of blame!  

See: Latest News: On our website!

We believe our offer from Canex-comex' is the interest of all South Africans! 

These are the entities that prove business morality over short term profiteering so comon in todays casual financial   unquestioned volume and trust taking consisntency over years of trades this we hope is our history of Add the most active gold bullion trading with its reputation and history of trust and sustainability.